Monday, August 12, 2013

Sequestration, And Airshows, And Ospreys, Oh My!

At Thunder Over Michigan some acts were very notable by their absence and thus will not be in any pictures.

There were no active military airshow exhibits or demonstrations.  No Blue Angels, No Thunderbirds, No A-10s from Selfridge ANG doing a flyby, and certainly no Ospreys flying demonstration flights and wowing the crowd with their impressive capabilities.

Due to sequestration and Obama's effort to make the most publicly painful cuts possible, there were no military demonstration teams attending airshows this year.

However, even with all the sequestration going on, there's still plenty funds available to fly Bo the Obama's Portugese Water Dog in his own Osprey to Martha's Vineyard to join the Obama family who already traveled there separately at taxpayer expense on their latest vacation.

Apparently the latest sign of being amongst the .01% is having a separate aircraft for delivering your family pets whilst you're on vacation.

Do note that the cost of just a couple of Obama's vacation junkets to the US taxpayer would likely fund a whole season of Blue Angels or Thunderbirds airshow exhibitions.

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