Tuesday, April 03, 2012

As The Detroit Clownfest Continues, Liberals Rediscover The Contracts Clause....

The contracts clause, long a bugbear of the Left and treated consistently as a nullity by them is suddenly piquing their interest to hold off the appointment of an EFM or permit the consent agreement to go forward:

The Detroit Free Press: Detroit financial crisis: Bing, City Council close to deal but pitfalls loom

U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow is to hear arguments in a lawsuit filed by a coalition of unions saying Snyder's pressure on the city to scrap ratified contracts violates federal due-process rights and contract clauses in the federal and state constitutions. The unions are seeking a restraining order against the state and city.

It is interesting to watch liberals suddenly latch onto and invoke parts of the Constitution they've long reviled and treated as a dead letter if it helps their cause.

Meanwhile the city and its more mouthy and insane residents and supposed leaders continue to fiddle and mouth all the standard leftist tropes as the city runs out of money...

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