Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NC Police Chief Suspended For Not Shooting Straight

The Detroit News: N.C. town's police chief loses gun, badge over poor shooting skills

The police chief of a North Carolina town has been prohibited from carrying a badge and gun because he couldn't shoot straight.

Police Chief Thomas Bennett was suspended as a law enforcement officer after failing his recent annual firearms qualification exam.
I'll give him credit for not exempting himself from the standards of his department and doing the right thing until he re-qualifies. While embarrassing, I'd say it speaks well of his integrity.

This certainly brings to light one of the dirty little secret of law enforcement, namely that a lot of cops are terrible shots.

The ones that practice do well and some are quite simply outstanding, but far too many are not.

I know one trainer for a largish department that has a heckuva time getting the departments' officers, including senior officers to pass their annual qualifications, including having to work with them one-on-one with retakes to get them a qualifying score.

And of course who can forget this guy:

Looks like some Only Ones can't handle their guns.

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