Friday, April 06, 2012

Mexican Art Exhibit To Imitate The False Narrative

A Mexican Art Show, due to travel to the US (legally, I assume) has a focus on protesting against American firearms being illegally smuggled to Mexico.

No word on whether the exhibit addresses either the two scandals of Fast and Furious and the State Department's sales that end up in drug cartels' hands.

I can bet not.

Nor will there be any advocacy at the exhibit for a secure border to prevent such smuggling, as that might interfere with the illegal immigrants going in the other direction, of which the sponsors of the exhibit are quite in favor.

The sponsor of the exhibit, Global Exchange, is a San Francisco based leftist group that happens to be fully in lockstep with the Obama administration and gun control groups trying to maintain the falsehood that US gun shows are the main source of the weapons in criminal hands in Mexico, rather than the Fast and Furious program or the State Department weapons sales.

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