Monday, April 30, 2012

Crazy Lady is Still Crazy

I wrote of the Crazy Lady Trial previously and she's still just as crazy now.

After I won the trial, with the time before she was evicted running out she started a variety of threats and claims she wouldn't move out no matter what - she'd sued the association, the lawyers everybody. She'd kill everybody, she had powerful friends that would ruin us all ..... That certainly put us in a receptive frame of mind, now didn't it?

We then get a call from the Deparmtment of human Services that she now qualified for Social Security Disability (yes for being crazy - isn't that nice that your tax dollars are paying for her lifestyle?) and they could give up to $400 to help in stay in place. That wouldn't work as she owed about 20k at that point.

So on the day time runs out we sent the eviction order in, the judge sat on it a few more days and finally issued it to the court officer who posted it on her door.

That got her motivated to finally do something.

She got her "Benefactor" to call us, wanting to settle it, he offers to pay the bills.

We then arrange for them to come into our office and sign releases and being the payment. She comes in, dressed in a dress so tight that we're happy to see she's not carrying any concealed weapons.

"Benefactor" turns out to be married (not to her), a Democrat and in a low level elected office in the area.

You can tell where this is headed.

Benefactor then pays off the bills apparently because he doesn't want his wife to find out, and crazy makes a few veiled remarks regarding that at the meeting.

Let this be a lesson guys:

    1. Messing around outside your marriage - that's a very bad choice.

    2. Messing around with a crazy lady who will blackmail you to the tune of $20k and now owns you - that's an extremely bad (and expensive) choice.

Of course, she owns him now. I expect that anytime he runs for reelection or tries to move on to a higher position you know who is going to show up.

Oh, but the crazy isn't done yet.

She keeps insisting that the deed restoring the place to her be drafted to her specifications and she won't accept the perfectly good deed we give her. We point out that her format isn't recordable....she still demands it. We acquiesce and hey, what do you know, its not recordable. She then demands another one. We draft one that will work and she then makes a number of ridiculous demands such as requiring that it have a gold and raised seal on it (totally unnecessary in Michigan) and makes other weird claims. We send her the deed via signature delivery and tell her that third times the charm and that's it, she can record it, she can hang it on her wall, she can roll it and smoke it, whatever but we're done playing around. We also send directly to the county a release of the original lien, which the county takes over a month to record.

She foes on a roll accusing us of not sending her a deed, not sending in the lien etc. We send her copies of the sent in lien and the deed with proof of delivery to her. Still doesn't change the crazy accusations.

Finally we checked today after she made more threats yesterday claiming she did not receive the deed and the lien was never filed and lo and behold, the deed was in fact recorded by her, and the release had been recorded by the county a month ago. She was lying when she claimed the register of deeds told her yesterday it was not done. Quelle Suprise. We also find on the deed that she changed the grantee name from her name to her trust (by hand) without our client's permission when she recorded it - can you say fraud? I knew you could.

So we're now waiting to see if the client wants to go after her for the improper modification of the deed or if we just let it lie and hope she finally shuts the hell up.

On the upside, there's at least one Democrat politician in Michigan that's provably going to have trouble running on a family values platform.....


ProudHillbilly said...

I just wouldn't be opening my door blindly for a while...

Windy Wilson said...

"We also find on the deed that she changed the grantee name from her name to her trust (by hand) without our client's permission when she recorded it - can you say fraud? I knew you could."
Doesn't that have the potential of causing a cloud on the title later?

Aaron said...

Windy: It's certainly going to raise some eyebrows come sales time. She should have just recorded a subsequent deed from herself to her trust but that would have been too simple.

In any case, the title history on it is pretty messed up already due to some prior hi-jinks she and another "benefactor" did when he bought the place and transferred it to her, likely for the same reasons the current benefactor forked over the payoff.

There's some other issues with it, including a mortgage that has not been discharged and is for more than the place is worth so she's going to have a fun time trying to sell it.