Sunday, April 08, 2012

USPSA Match Easter Sunday Edition

This morning Rob and I met up and we headed out to the season opener USPSA match at my club.

The club's April match is always a little different from its typical match. Instead of one classifier stage, it has four so you can get classified in one match, or move up a level in a single match if you've improved sufficiently and the wizards at the USPSA stats office deem it to be so.

As such, the match tended to be a little quicker than typical, with lower round counts but more care being taken by the shooters than a typical run and gun stage. Quickly that is until we came up behind the squad in front of us. Instead of every shooter pitching in during the lulls to score, paste and reset targets as our squad did consistently, they ad only a few people helping.

When you're at an USPSA match if you're not shooting you should be either reloading your mags (quickly), or pasting targets, or resetting targets, or acting as the score keeper. This keeps the match moving along and everyone gets through it quicker and more enjoyably.

There were also two stages that were not classifiers. One was an all steel extravaganza complete with a Texas Star which is the bane of most shooter's existence.

The second had a huge round count to make up for the classifiers and had poppers, a drop turner, a swinger and a flapper, no-shoots, and more to make you shoot quick and accurately. Not a single No-Shoot was hit with one of my rounds on this or any of the stages in the match today.

A very fun match, and I'm happy to report that I suffered not even a single malfunction with the Glock 17. Having a reliable gun is the key to fun at a match and I'm hoping I did well enough to move up to C class with this match. We'll see what happens once the scores are all in. With luck this will be the start of a decent shooting season.

So a happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it, and may everyone enjoy the fine weather we're having today and have a nice Sunday.

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