Tuesday, October 20, 2020

What Figure Is Washtenaw County Leaving Out As They Freak Out About Covid at UofM?

The Washtenaw County Public Health Department just issued a rather draconian 2-week lockdown order for University of Michigan Students.

The Detroit Free Press: Washtenaw County issues two-week stay home order for U-M students

More than 600 confirmed and probable cases have been reported in Washtenaw County in the past week, with 61% of those being U-M students.

So that's around 366 cases (or elsewhere in the article an even lower count of 301) in a university with an undergraduate population of 31,266.

So, what are they not publishing?  Hospitalization numbers.

Are any of these 301 cases actually requiring medical attention beyond the ordered isolation and quarantine?  

Did anybody actually got seriously ill from this at all among these students, or are these positive case asymptomatic or just suffering moderate flu-like effects?

That kind of information would be good to know after all in assessing if this lock down was a rational response or not.

University students are very low risk for health issues due to COVID and here they are getting locked down for about 1% of the student population testing positive for it.


Unknown said...


I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your blog. Every time I stop in, I see posts that are timely, often not covered by the MSM, but nonetheless important, and always well written, and easily understood.

I love America,and I also love Michigan. I am sad that both of them, are so different from when I grew up. I was born in 1960, and back then,a person could actually, through hard work, support a family on just one salary. In my area, born and raised in Hesperia, now living in Muskegon,while there was certainly racism, it was not pervasive, and in my first 30 years in Hesperia, it was pretty much unknown. My dad worked at a foundry in Muskegon,commuting daily,and had dozens of black friends through work. They often stopped at our house, in Hesperia, on their way to visit relatives in parts further north. My twin brother and I would play with their kids, with no consideration of skin color.
My dad's best friend was actually from Dublin, who lived in an apartment in Muskegon during the week, going home on the weekends. His name was Tom Cunningham, and he was James Earl Jones uncle. My dad and two oldest siblings got to meet James once, while they were visiting Tom and his wife Bessie.
While I had several scholarships to attend college,I instead ended up working at a steel making factory in Muskegon,and some of my closest friends are from their, and they are black men. I spent over 35 years there, and working in a foundry atmosphere now days is completely different than it used to be. Now,you must be continually taking learning videos and tests, on safety and how to do everything from using a ladder correctly, to watching out for heat stress or heat stroke.
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Like I said, some of my closest friends are black,and I would trust them like a brother. Then again, some of the black men I worked with were sort of worthless, but some of the white men I worked with were even more worthless. People are judged based on their actions and the content of their character, not on the color of their skin,at least by me.
I might have said this here before, but I have always held the Jewish people close to my heart, as well. And I would stand with the nation of Israel in front of anyone who tried to hurt them. President Trump has done a lot of great things to normalize the country of Israel, from moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem to working behind the scenes to get other middle east countries to recognize the right of Israel to exist. These are things that are important,and cannot be ignored.
Be well,and stay safe and healthy.


Nuke Road Warrior said...

"The Washtenaw County Public Health Department just issued a rather draconian 2-week lockdown order for University of Michigan Students."

Unpossible, according to your governor, Trump is the one mandating all the lockdowns in Michigan.

Aaron said...

pigpen51 - Thanks I appreciate it, and I do enjoy your comments as well. If you ever come to the southeast part of Michigan I'd be happy to meet up with you and buy you a beer. You're exactly right about how its how people act that matters, not what they happen to look like. Thanks again, and be well.

Nuke Road Warrior - Yep, funny how that blame gets shifted for political gain, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Actually,this past summer, my 23,now 24year old daughter spent 2 weeks in the U of M hospital at Ann Arbor,due to them discovering that she has vasculitis. It has caused some damage to her kidneys. And it also triggered a condition called Sweet's syndrome, which caused her to breakout out with large blisters allover her arms and legs.They looked like water blisters, only they were perhaps as large around as 3"and as tall as an inch,or slighter more.It was often painful for as well. The vasculitis is something that will half to be monitored through her entire lifetime.
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Have a great weekend,and enjoy what decent weather we are going to get. And stay safe, as well as your family and friends.\