Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Your Phone Is Indeed Tracking You

If you thought your phone wasn't keeping tabs on you, along comes some info showing how your data tracking you gets used:

The Detroit Free Press: Your data says you’re home, Michigan. You get an 'A' for social distancing

Michigan, you get an ‘A’ for social distancing. You can thank data from your phone.

Data gleaned from mobile phones shows Michiganders are staying home amid concerns for the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to location data and analytics firm Unacast, based in Norway and New York.

The company announced its “Social Distancing Scoreboard” on Tuesday, assigning states and counties a letter grade for their change in average distance traveled. It was first reported by The Washington Post.

Michigan got its “A” for an about 45% decrease in distance traveled, though not all counties can tout their own success.

Interesting gthe info that can be aggregated from phone activity.

Mind you, distance traveled isn't a perfect approximation for social distancing, so I wonder if the data the companhy is gleaning can also note the distance between different phones.

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