Sunday, March 29, 2020

Governor Half-Whit: What? You Expect ME To Walk and Chew Gum At The Same Time?

Governor Whitmer first castigated Trump and the feds for not providing emergency aid to Michigan.

Thence it was kindly pointed out to her that she had yet to make the required request for such aid. She then finally did so.

Fox2News: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer submits disaster declaration request to Pres. Trump

When asked why she didn't do so prior to castigaitng the feds for failign to respond to an unmade request, she answered:

Whitmer announced the disaster declaration request a day after the Detroit Free Press reported FEMA said she had yet to request one for the state. A major disaster declaration increases funding from the federal government and brings other federal assistance from FEMA.

Whitmer explained that she waited to request the major disaster declaration because she wanted to make sure the request was done right. She also said Michigan's request was done based on what other states have received, which she said was not enough for those states to fight the virus.

"We wrote ours in a way that learned from other states," Whitmer said.

In other words, she had to copy the work of others to do it effectively. But wait, there's more:

The second reason for the delay in request, Whitmer said, is that her administration said it was more important Michigan residents stop communicating the disease.

"We know that our actions to get people in Michigan to stop communication of this disease amongst each other is the highest priority and that's where we spent our energy. The best thing we can do is mitigate spread through interaction and that's why we spent all our energies in that part first," Whitmer said.

In other words our Governor has admitted she is unable to delegate and multitask. Are you really telling me that the executive branch of our state under Gov. Whitmer is unable to issue a Stay Home order and apply for federal disaster relief funds at the same time?

Much better for her to play gotcha games and attack Trump rather than effectively do things on behalf of the people of her state. Gets her better press and the adoration of the Twitterati.

I'd say she's trying out for the attack dog Vice President slot on Biden's (or whoever the Dems get around to replacing him) team (as Biden was for Obama). But, she's brought a new twist on it - attacking Trump and then going poor me, "I'm just a woman governor asking nicely for help" when she gets called on it.

Remember how she claimed she had no aspirations other than being governor of Michigan - don't expect that promise to last.


Unknown said...

A question. If governor Whitless is indeed Biden's choice as a running mate, will she have to give up her position as governor here in Michigan? Because if Biden/Whitless then tanks, that would at least mean that we would be rid of her. And the Lt. Governor could not be much worse.
Maybe a second question,if she is Biden's choice, does that mean that she must let him molest her in public, or just in private? After doing so, he can always claim to not remember doing so, and claim it with credibility, given his diminished mental capacity.


Scott said...

One might also ask the question: "If having warehouses full of gloves, masks, ventilators, and other emergency supplies for pandemic-scale emergencies, why didn't SHE realize it and in her 15 months as Governess take steps to procure those items?"

I mean, if she and her administration are so much smarter than the President, this should have been a hanging curveball for her to crush, right? Then Michigan wouldn't have needed federal help at all.

She would have been hailed for her great wisdom and prescience, and could have supplanted both CreepyJoe and Cu-mo for the Presidential nomination at the brokered convention that is coming for the dems.