Thursday, March 07, 2019

Tlaib: Let's Impeach Trump, Because Orange Man Bad, Or Something

Tlaib the local Dem gift that keeps on giving, joins the idiot wing of the Democrat clown car in issuing resolutions to impeach Trump.

Tlaib's resolution, much like its predecessors, seems to be impeach Trump first, find some reason for it later.

The Detroit News: Tlaib plans to file impeachment resolution against Trump

Freshman U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib said Wednesday she plans to file a resolution this month to start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, calling him "dangerous to our American democracy."

The Detroit Democrat's resolution will call for the House Judiciary Committee to investigate grounds for Trump's impeachment, she said.

"I can't wait to be able to file this resolution because I think a transparent and open investigation into the president's dealings is important," said Tlaib, surrounded by about 20 impeachment activists in her Capitol Hill office.

Tlaib has long called for Trump's impeachment. She made national headlines hours after her January swearing-in by issuing a cry at a Washington party to "impeach the mother(expletive)."

Bring some popcorn, the Dems are definitely putting on a show for their base - much sound, furry, and Orange Man Bad, with no actual grounds for impeachment.


Scott said...

It is dangerous to write off these freshman nincompoops as fringe idiots with no following. Yes, they have stupid ideas that will never work, yes they say stupid things without any apparent sense of their own stupidity. However, there are a bunch of people in this country ready to vote for them, ready to go to war for them, and ready to do anything they have to do to help them gain more power and influence. If they are not crushed, and crushed soon (politically, I mean) they will metastasize quickly while we are still laughing up our sleeves at them and we'll be wondering what happened to our country.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... the idiocy is strong with this one...

juvat said...

I'm with Scott. I don't believe these new Baboons (a gathering of baboons is a congress, ergo someone in a congress must be....How's that for gender neutral. Well, according to the internet a gathering of Baboons is a troop, I prefer the former description.) are stupid. Their followers/supporters may be. But it would be hard to believe these folks are that stupid. However, since they continually say the same BS and their followers continue to believe them, the only other option is that they are intentionally evil. Maybe we should be looking at impeachment options for them. Say...put AOC on trial for embezzling $885K. If convicted, placed in prison and have her baboon status revoked.
Saw a meme the other day which asked, how can someone who gets paid $170K a year become a multimillionaire in only a few years? Good darn question! Should be asked quite a bit.