Friday, March 08, 2019

Greedy Gretchen And The Democrats Claim To Love Small Business But Love Taxes More

Democrats always claim they hate big business and love small business and the little guy.

They love small business all right, as a cash cow.

The Detroit News: Whitmer pitches biz tax hike to offset pension tax repeal

A nice 41% tax hike on pass through small business owners (anyone with an S-Corp or LLC) to allow Unions to have tax free government pension distributions. Private pensioners and 401K/IRA holders will still be taxed. Such a deal. Talk about a punitive attack on small business owners to reward core Democrat supporters and voters.

Hopefully with a Republican controlled House and Senate this will be a non-starter.

Combine this with her proposed awesome 45 cent a gallon tax increase on gas - yes 45 cents per gallon, not all of which will actually go to "fix the damn roads", - 40% of the gas tax increase will be diverted - surprise! Her tax increasing colors come shining through.

Her proposals will not only give Michigan the highest amount of tax on gas in the entire USA but also harm Michigan's business climate.

All of you who voted for her shoulda known that electing a tax everything Democrat would have consequences.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Vote democrat, get higher taxes...but they had to support the democrats against the hated "orange man". Now they get their reward..

Scott said...

Here comes the lost decade, part two. The people of Michigan will never learn. And the result will be lower State revenue and less money than they project to fix the roads, which will then not be fixed. Unless of course we get an even bigger tax hike.

Bastages. Farging Bastages. (if you ever watched "Johnny Dangerously" you will understand the terminology. Michael Keaton, Joe Piscopo, Marilu Henner and many others)