Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sometimes You Really Should Shut Up And Take The Deal

Had a client come in with a speeding ticket problem.

Officer had given her the ticket and while she was speeding 11-15 over, he cut her a break and reduced it to impeding which is zero points and just a fine.

That’s a decent deal right off the bat considering he had her dead to rights on radar.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how exactly, she decided to represent herself in court and instead of just paying the ticket managed to get it reinstated against her as an 11-15 over 2 point offense and fine. She is then found responsible for it and gets the full hit. That takes some talent.

Situation clearly not improved she hired me to fix her mess.

So I entered an appearance and today met with the prosecutor before the hearing and got it reduced back to the impeding charge, got that entered on the record and she’s all set.

Sometimes you need to accept the gift you’re given, smile, thank the officer and pay your fine and move on rather than trying to fight a ticket in a rather ineffective manner.


Jonathan H said...

The problem with taking a deal like that is that it may not be a deal - if it gets listed anywhere the insurance company can see it, they don't care if it is just for 5 over or there were no points; your insurance will still increase.
For a deal like that to be worth it, it needs to be clear that the court won't report the ticket (and sometimes they won't anyway since it means they can't keep the whole fine).

Aaron said...

Jonathan H - impeding is not abstracted nor reported to insurance companies, nor does it appear on your driving record at all - in short once an impeding ticket is paid it doesn't exist.

Old NFO said...

Yep, she's nuts... sigh