Friday, March 08, 2019

Any One You Can Walk Away From Is A Good One

A flight instructor and student make an excellent emergency landing on a Michigan highway on the west side of the state.

Detroit Free Press: Small plane lands on Michigan highway after engine quits

No injuries, no damage, and the plane was brought back to the airport on a flatbed truck.

Nicely done.


pigpen51 said...

My daughter lives near there, in Comstock Park, and my brother lives in Cedar Springs. I live in Muskegon.
My former high school principal in Hesperia had to set his plane down on the road once, also. I think it was near Newaygo, on M 82. He flew out of White Cloud airport, just a tiny little place.
I read your blog from time to time. It is nice, knowing that you are from this fantastic state.
Have a great rest of the winter, and be safe.

pigpen51 said...
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MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

As a plane wrencher, I truly hope it was mechanical failure rather than a failure of maintenance personnel. You are correct, any landing you can walk away from and you don't bend the airplane is a good thing.

Old NFO said...

THat's a WIN! :-)