Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Jett Is Taking No Chances

Currently some in the neighborhood are in a frenzy over reports of coyotes in the area.

People really need to calm down, but the neighborhood forums are ablaze with coyote spotted messages including panicked calls to secure your small animals indoors and ensure small children are not left out playing in yards as tasty coyote treats.

Never mind that there's been no actual reported incidents of a coyote around here actually attacking anyone or being aggressive, or anything of the sort, but some people are pretty high strung. It's as if they've never seen any wildlife before. I half expect squirrel alerts to be next coming from the overwrought ADHD homeowners around here.

As a result, Jett, before his walk last night, wanted to make sure he would not be misidentified as a coyote by some fearful neighbor.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...


A way to protect your kids.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

Many years ago I was out pheasant hunting with my college roommate. We saw a coyote about a hundred yards away and opening the distance at a trot. After spending a fair amount of time hunting and fishing in Idaho, this remains the only time I've actually seen a coyote out side of a zoo. Coyotes are usually pretty shy and won't approach people. Small dogs left out at night may be another matter, but if you see a coyote up close the coyote is probably not healthy.