Thursday, December 06, 2018

State Psych Hospital In Northville Is Finally Demolished

Shut down in 2003, it has finally met its end with a demolition that has been years in the making and come in millions over budget.

The Detroit Free Press: Former state psychiatric hospital in Northville Township reduced to dust

Murph may perhaps one day tell some stories about his hypothetically and allegedly exploring it sometime.

Unfortunately, there was no replacement for the hospital and Michigan has a severe shortage of treatment and institutionalization facilities for the mentally ill.


Old NFO said...

That's truly sad, and those people DO need the help!

Murphy's Law said...

We did explore that place's steam tunnels BACK WHEN IT WAS STILL OPEN--sorties which took much courage, planning and stupidity and which were best executed late at night. We also managed to come up in one of the unused buildings on the grounds and inadvertently got trapped when the door to the tunnels closed and locked behind us during one daylight excursion and then had to try to figure out how to escape from a semi-secure building whose doors were chained shut from the outside WITHOUT being observed and apprehended by the state police officers who patrolled the place. But we were that good and never wound up getting arrested there.

Good old days, before security clearances.