Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Range Day: P30SK Hits 1,350 Rounds

It's been far too long since I went to the range and after all the arbitration craziness I needed to get some range time in.

Today the weather was clear and cold and it was a good day to head to the range.

I first fired 50 rounds of Federal FMJ through the P30SK.

Even after sitting in its box for months, and with a noticeably dirty and cruddy feed ramp, it functioned perfectly.

I was not shooting nearly as well as I have in the past and that first box showed I needed to practice more.

Next was three boxes of Winchester 9MM Nato FMJ. Certainly they felt like they had a bit more oomph than the Federal FMJ, but no issues shooting them.

Once I was through the first box of the Winchester, my accuracy was starting to come back, speed still slower than before though.

Then for a change of pace was an older box of Federal Hydrashocks I had been meaning to shoot up, again, every round fed without an issue.

250 rounds fired in one go without a hitch. Many steel plates were downed, and many holes punched in paper, with better groups as time went on.

That's 1,350 rounds through the P30sk with only a single failure due to a defective cartridge.


B said...

Always good to use up stale ammo.

Aaron said...

B: That particular box of Federal Hydrashock is older than my kids. Still worked fine though, but I'm moving all my carry firearms to more updated ammo.

drjim said...

I use my"old" ammo for practice, too.

I'm not too concerned about it going 'stale', but bullet technology has improved since I bought some of it, so may as well use it up and replace it with modern.