Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday Range Day: P30SK Hits 1,550 Rounds

While snow fell yesterday night and it was cold and windy, today broke to bright sun and a light covering of snow.

Warm enough to head to the range and that's where Leah and I went.

As Leah shot the M&P 22 Compact, I shot a Winchester White Box 200 round value pack through the P30SK.

No failures to report and I can be happy to say I'm getting faster and more accurate now that I've been getting some practice in.

Today was 200 rounds, a rack of plates and Leah running the timer and a start from low ready.

I managed to get down to 6 shots, all plates hit in 3 seconds even but couldn't get below that. Something to work on and certainly better accuracy than the previous visit.

No failures of any kind even as some snow got on the magazines and firearm.

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