Thursday, December 27, 2018

Freep, Please Quit Jinxing It

The Detroit Free Press: Metro Detroit could set record for virtually no December snow

I'm more than fine with that.

The unseasonably reasonable weather has made the commute and travel to various courts a breeze and the temperatures have led to longer and far more enjoyable dog walks.

After the extra early snow and related cold snap and assorted hassles in November, the lack of snowfall in December has been most welcome.

Lest you're ready to shout "Global Warming" at the lack of snow this December, do note that Michigan's winters tend to have very variable snowfalls. As can be read in the linked article, in 1889 there was no snowfall in December at all but there was 34.9 inches in 1974 and 22.5 in 2017. Snow in this area varies a lot year to year and I'm sure we'll get hammered soon.

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drjim said...

Yeah, been a very dry winter here so far.

We need the snowpack in the Rockies, and the soil moisture for the farmers, so NOT good out here.

BUT....growing up 50 miles from Chicago, I know the kind of winter you're so happily avoiding!