Friday, October 07, 2016

It's Been One Of Those Days . . . .

This kinda sums up the day I've been having:

Let's put it this way: When it comes to firearms law (or any other law for that matter), an attorney cannot counsel the client based on what he or the client would like the law to be.

Instead, we have to counsel you on what the law is now.

You may not like it (heck, I may not like it), but that's the reality you have to deal with, not your ideal fantasy-world misunderstanding of what you would want the law to be.


drjim said...

I hear the same kind of drivel you do when I help teach NRA classes!

Most people don't have a clue about what the law actually says.

jon spencer said...

When or is there a there a App. for a phone that connects directly to a law office?
So if one is about to or is talking to a law enforcement person the office can tell you to shut up and let them talk to the official.
If you are stopped by a traffic cop or there are LE's at your door, push the icon and the law office would be able to talk to you, talk to the officer and recored the interaction.
Would not even have to be a attorney, just someone in the office that can follow a script and know when and how to bring it to a attorney's attention.
Maybe a yearly fee for the app and rates for when it is used?

Aaron said...

drjim: Yep, I get the same thing when I teach those as well.

jon: That actually is a pretty neat idea. I may just look into doing something like that.

Comrade Misfit said...

I get the same stuff on the civil side of the house. "Whaddya mean, I have to go to court to evict a tenant" or "whaddya mean, I can't just change the locks on my tenant" or "whaddya mean I gotta pay child support, my ex won't let me see the kid".

To "it's not fffaaiiirrr", I have taken to responding "it's not called the 'fairness system'."