Friday, October 21, 2016

Benton Harbor Community "Gets Angry" Over Death Of Man Killed While Ambushing Police

There was a recent shooting by police in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press: Mayor: Family seeking peace after Benton Harbor police shoot, kill man

Benton Harbor mayor Marcus Muhammad says the family of the man shot and killed by a police officer early Tuesday wants everyone to remain peaceful.

But, however, he understands there is anger in the community.

So, what's the anger about?

Well, it turns out the latest dindu nuffin and poster child for the BLM movement decided to turn his life around by shooting at police from a concealed ambush after a trouble call to a house, and the police promptly and quite properly returned fire.

Look, if you're going to hold a protest (or as such protests are often alternatively named, a riot, as Benton Harbor's "community" did in 2003) to protest your claim of police use of excessive force, and "get angry" about someone ambushing and firing at police, you've kinda lost your way, if you ever had it.

Most communities would lack much in the way of sympathy for, or anger on behalf of, someone who started firing at police from a concealed point of ambush.

Note of course the "community's" use of the now almost stereotypical "turning his life around" meme as reported by Fox 17 Benton Harbor community reacts to death of man shot by police:

Neighbors say Pavone Street is a noted high-crime area and say that Wimberly had turned his life around after several run-ins with law enforcement.

Turning your life around typically does not include ambushing and firing multiple shots at police officers, so the neigbors must have quite a flexible definition.

On top of that the neighbors are expressing disbelief that Wimberly was the only one to get shot:

Even after police detailed that they found two semi-automatic weapons on the suspect and about seven cartridges from one of those weapons, [Wimberly's friend Canvas] Smith says she does not believe Wimberly fired at the officers. "If he was trying to shoot and kill somebody, why was he the only one that got shot? No other officer was hurt. Haven't said anything about there was a bullet hole in the car anything. Just that he's dead out on the street and they didn't even have the decency to call the fire department or anyone to wash his blood up. His family had to get out there and wash the blood up. They treated it like it was nothing," said Smith.

Note that these people are serious, they vote, and can serve on juries . . . . .

Oh, and to add to the mounting evidence that Wimberely was indeed responsible for his own death by engaging in an ambush of police there's body cam footage showing Wimberly fired 7 shots at the police: Body camera video released in Benton Harbor police-involved shooting

This is probably not the best case for BLM types and their fellow-travelers to claim as an act of police misconduct, but expect Wimberly to get added to the list of BLM martyrs, and there's a good chance the Benton Harbor "community" may indeed riot over an attempted cop-killer.


Anonymous said...

Good ol Benton Harbor. I used to live there from 1999 to 2004. Well, St. Joseph. A lovely place. Stood on the back steps of the Courthouse in St. Joe and watched the fires in 2003. It was saddening. Misplaced anger.

B said...

Thing is, most of 'em believe that it is like the mooovies when it comes to shooting.

Fes, if any can hit a thing in real life. Few have actually shot for score. (which is why drive-bys seem to get innocent bystanders killed).

B said...