Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Good Dry Fire Training Product - Ring's Blue Magazines

Just got an excellent product for more dry fire practice.

They're Rings Blue Gun Training Magazine for the HK P30.

Fit and finish of the blue magazines is quite good. They fit the P30 perfectly and match real magazines in fit and feel, and they insert and drop free just like the functional magazines.

The rear of the blue mag even has the molding of the round count markings in the right spot as well as the zipper weld seen on the actual HK magazines, which is a nice touch.

They're good as using blue mags for dry fire practice reloads reduces wear on the rather expensive HK P30 magazines from hitting the floor.

They're also good as they're yet another safety tool in preventing the risk of a live magazine being inadvertently inserted during dry fire practice. Any steps that reduce the chance of unwanted holes in things is always a good thing. Rings also makes blue magazines for quite a few other pistols and they're well worth looking into.

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