Friday, October 14, 2016

Flying Lesson #82 - Flying Like A Teepee and A Wigwam

Beautiful day, only a minor 5 knot direct crosswind.

Ray is out of town so I decided to take a lesson with Henry, another instructor at the flight school.

I did the preflight and then talked with Henry for a bit and went over short field procedures and his approach is different from Ray's.

Of course, Henry doesn't know where I am flying wise so we departed to the Northeast after taxiing out.

Once out, we went over some basic stick and rudder skills and I felt all over the damn place and didn't quite get what he was getting at originally. But with some practice I started doing ok and improved somewhat.

Then we came in and did a landing which again was kinda flat and it wasn't the best pattern I've done. We taxi'd off the runway and I thought we were done and had told the tower we would be heading back to the flight school, but he called and said we'd be taxiing again.

So we did and took off and went around the pattern, and were almost directed into another Cessna by the controller which was pretty messed up if I say so myself. He had the other Cessna do a 360 and then cancelled it and had us do an extended downwind so as we came downwind the other Cessna was coming out of his cancelled 360 into the downwind head on which was not a good thing. When you can see their prop and the pilot's face you're a bit too close for comfort. We got outta the way and then after the downwind got directed to turn base so it was a long final approach.

Then a good on glidepath essentially short field descent and amazingly landed so perfectly the plane went from flying to rolling on the ground, no squeak, no bump nothing. I didn't even know we had landed it was so subtle.

I did it but I was so tight on the controls I sure wasn't enjoying it and didn't even notice we had touched down yet, and that was the lesson.

Oh a teepee and a wigwam you're asking? I'm flying too damn tense.

1.2 and 2 landings.

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