Thursday, October 06, 2016

Flying Lesson #80

The sky was full of haze with a light wind, an ill wind, that did no pilot any good, or at least not this pilot.

Apparently I'm now in the "Getting Near Done So Can't Get Anything Right Phase" of training.

We flew out to Romeo in the haze at 2,500 ft, and I needed to use more right rudder on takeoff.

The first soft field landings was ok but I needed to have the nose-wheel up higher and on the first one came in a bit too high and fast really needed to chop the power, the second one was actually decent and the third was ok but not as good as the second one.

Did I mention my take-offs were starting to suck as well? - Seriously the frickin' takeoffs weren't great - not enough right rudder and I was apparently not having the wing fully straight at takeoff on some of them.

So we moved on to the short field landings which sucked, with the first one actually requiring a go around as my airspeed was all over the place as I'm looking in the wrong place and I was way too high. Ray did the second one and showed me what to focus on and such so maybe I'll get it next time.

Then it was back to Pontiac in the haze and I was able to finally see the other plane in the pattern and we entered a downwind which became rather extended as the other Cessna did a B-52 type pattern. Since we were second in line, you have to play a game of "Follow that Plane!", so I got to fly a big pattern as well.

Then down for a landing with a bit of a crosswind and I landed kinda flat-ish to finish the lesson on a wonderfully sucky note to go with a lesson full of suck.

So now I'm apparently suffering from pilot fixation, and fixiating on the wrong things too boot, as well as going through a phase that a lot of pilots hit near the end of everything not working right. Just frickin' great.

1.7, 6 landings, and lots more frustration.

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