Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stupid Criminal Tricks Thursday Edition

There's a slew of stupid criminals in the Detroit Metro area with a few especially worthy of note for their stupidity:

1. A Road Rager ends his stupidity by chasing his victim to a police station and a well-deserved ticket.

The Detroit Free Press: Road rage victim leads suspect to Canton police station

2. Threatening to kill police officers by claiming you will bomb a heroic police officer's funeral doesn't help your BLM cause any, and it doesn't help that you're on probation at the time you make the threat:

The Detroit News: FBI: Man threatened to bomb officer's funeral

3. Threatening to kill the judge in your divorce case isn't going to make the judge rule in your favor, and the resultant felony charges won't help either:

The Detroit Free Press: $500,000 bond set for man accused of threatening Judge Lisa Gorcyca


Old NFO said...

Real winners there... sigh

Comrade Misfit said...

Back in the day, when cell phones were luxury items, I was followed at night by some goon in another car. I couldn't shake him. I ended up driving to the cop shop and I pulled in there. The goon took off.