Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LA Police Commission Advocates A Brave Sir Robin Policy For LA Police

California is its own special place, and LA gets referred to as La La Land for a reason, and their Police Commission there seems to be drinking from the same fountain of crazy.

The LA Police Commission has actually advocated that Los Angeles Police officers, when confronted by an armed assailant run away from the threat rather than use deadly force to respond. The Commission found fault with an officer in a shooting when a lady armed with a knife charged at officers and closed from 70 feet to 5 feet in under 10 seconds.

Yes, they actually want the Police there to act as Brave Sir Robin:

Los Angeles Police Protective League: Police Commission tells officers to run away, or else

When faced by an attacked charging with a knife, the Commission apparently believes the appropriate response is to run backwards from an advancing threat, which is hardly a safe move for either the officer or the general public.

Advocating police run away from armed individuals in the process of attacking them and finding fault and potentially disciplining police if they do not is not only seriously problematic to the officer's safety but to the safety of the public at large.


juvat said...

Ok, first question, if that's the policy, what reason is there to have police at all?

Second question, if that's the policy, how long does the LA PPL think it will take before the town looks like something from the old west, gun fights in the street at high noon? Oh wait.....

Aaron said...

juvat: Well it will make them feel good that they have the police "de-escalating" situations and not engaging criminals, and feelings matter above all. Also there's the importance of votes of their constituencies of criminals and bien pensants to consider.

That crime will go up, police will be disrespected and criminals will be emboldened matters to them not at all.