Friday, September 30, 2016

Even As Macomb County Exec, Hackel Still Catches The Bad Guys

Former Sheriff of Macomb County, and now Macomb County Executive, Mark Hackel still knows how to catch stupid criminals.

The Detroit Free Press: Macomb County exec Mark Hackel chases hit-run pickup, collars drunk

Darn nice job on his part to follow and catch a very drunk driver and hold him for police.

Hackel is pretty much the one Democrat in this state I could happily vote for and support if he ran for Governor of Michigan or another post and know he'd do a darn good job of it. The man is experienced, has character, is darn capable, and is not corrupt.

Unfortunately for his electoral chances for state-wide office, he tends to be very centrist, economically fiscally responsible, and pro law and order, and is thus probably not Democrat enough to catch on with most of the state's Democrat electorate.

That's a darn shame for the State of Michigan, but it is good for Macomb County for him to be in the executive seat.

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