Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Orion Township - A Village That Has Found Its Idiots

Not just one village idiot mind you, but two found on the same night.

The Detroit News: 2 Orion Twp. men face 8th arrests for drunken driving

Yes they're both arrested on the same night at separate stops, each for their eighth drunken driving arrest.

If you've been arrested seven times already for drunk driving and you're still out there driving intoxicated, that's saying something both about the impressive stupidity of the individuals involved, not to mention the system that lets them keep being repeat offenders.

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Joe Mama said...

Supposedly, there are jurisdictions that allow drunk drivers to resume driving provided they sign a quit-claim document relinquishing ownership of their vehicle in the event they are stopped again and even make the needle twitch.

Taking a driver's license does not physically stop them from driving.

Taking their "wheels"....well, that has a much bigger impact.

Sometimes it is a Significant Other's vehicle. In that case, the SO must sign the quit-claim document and he/she loses his/her vehicle if anybody is ever stopped in it and the needle quivers when they blow.

One of the advantages of this system is that quit-claim documents are business law and the proof is a lower standard than criminal law. For instance, the way the quit-claim document is written is such that the document is still valid even if Miranda was botched or the Breath-a-lyzer has a stale calibration.

Very little potential for litigation. The vehicle is impounded and sold.