Saturday, August 13, 2016

No Flying Today

Unfortunately the flying portion of the lesson was cancelled due to low cloud layers.

Instead we did some oral exam prep, mainly aircraft systems as they are now hitting those pretty hard on the oral exam such as the fuel system, carburetor and how a 4 stroke engine works.

We also discussed airspace again and I've got it mostly down and all the questions right except for a few trick areas dealing with Class G that I'll be ready for next time.

Not a very exciting lesson but the stuff needed to be locked in.


Brigid said...

I used to be a Designated Pilot Examiner for the ATP. When I had a candidate really NAIL the oral I'd get to the end and say "OK, this is the most important question in the exam, and one you can't miss. . then I'd pause and say "name all seven dwarfs". No, Sleazy and Horny aren't correct but they'd laugh as they realized they were done and they passed.

drjim said...

4 stoke engine?





That's all you need to remember!

Aaron said...

Brigid: Awesome! I'd expect they were quite surprised by the question and then relieved to have passed.

Drjim: Funny, that's just the memory tool my flight instructor just used.