Monday, August 01, 2016

Last Friday At Arrowhead Park

An outing done every time we do the family reunion is a hike around Arrowhead Park to the waterfall.

After parking and paying the entrance fee, you hike down a trail and cross a bridge and keep going until you get to some rocks.

Then you can go over or around the rocks and you reach more rocks and this sign:

Then you get to the falls.

It's a nice series of falls, with some decently fast moving cold water. Once there we saw many kids that were happily immersing themselves or swimming heedless of the sign.

It was time to have some fun with the camera, taking shots of the same scene with different shutter speeds can give very different and pleasing effects:

It's a very picturesque place, with a series of small falls along the river.

On the backside of the falls is a portage for canoeists and kayakers before they hit the falls.

On the way out the kids found a local amphibian.

Arrowhead Park is a very nice place to hike around. On the downside this last Friday when we visited was "Family Day" in Canada, a nicely made up holiday to have a long weekend in July, so the place was packed. Well worth spending a day visiting the park and hiking around, and the camping conditions also look very good for a longer stay as well.


Harry Flashman said...

One of our local television personalities went up to a water fall just across the state line in North Carolina last week. She slipped, fell, and went over the falls. She was celebrating her 28th birthday. Ces't Le Guerre.

Aaron said...

Ouch, that had to be a lousy way to go.