Thursday, August 25, 2016

More Helicopter Encounters At Thunder Over Michigan

It was time for some crime-fighting demonstrations and for the Michigan State Police to demonstrate their helicopter and law enforcement skills.

There was a report of a "suspicious vehicle" on the west side of the airport, so an MSP car and helicopter went off to check it out.

Yes, it was a simulation not an actual incident, and they showed how the helicopter could track the "suspect" both in the vehicle and out of it, leading to his "arrest" by the trooper on the ground.

Either during the day or at night with its searchlights and FLIR, if a criminal tries to run from the MSP's chopper, he's just going to be tired when he's arrested.

Then another crime fighter took to the air.

Yes that is the original Batcopter from the original Batman television show.

Adam West sadly did not make a personal appearance, but it was very cool nonetheless.

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