Friday, August 05, 2016

A Quick Question - If Trump Was A Stalking Horse For Hillary Acting To Throw The Election Her Way . . . . .

How would Trump be acting any differently?

This is a ridiculously winnable election after eight years of Obama

The Democrats have put forth a scandal-ridden, constantly lying, tired, barely unindicted due to politics alone, Democrat candidate that most people would crawl through broken glass to vote against whose only appeal is the historic first that would be a female president and who, without the machinations from her party faithful, would have lost her primary to an aged communist.

The multitude of issues that can be used on a daily basis to hammer her many failings are legion.

And we get the one candidate that is instead making a busy spectacle of himself with the media focused, with his encouragement, on his multiple failings, scandals, and outrageous and stupid statements, with the result of driving hers completely out of the spotlight.

Trump seems to be in the act of throwing it big time with so many unforced errors and faux pas that it's a good and valid question as to whether he's doing this on purpose.

Add to this his flip-flopping on multiple positions, with many of his policy pronouncements turning from either over the top exaggerated caricatures of conservative positions that are then modified towards a Democrat or Democrat-lite policy, or policies only a RINO could love, and you have to ask what the heck is he actually doing, and why?


Harry Flashman said...

Trump is not a professional politician, and he's not accustomed to "bussing backsides." To be a good politician you have to know when to lie and when to shut up.

I wish he would just throw over the Republican Party now, and tell people if you want 8 more years of the same disaster, then vote for Hillary. If not, vote for me.

He's got the Democratic machine going against him, the Republican machine going against him, minorities, the labor unions. and all the other legions of the Democratic Party after him. I don't think he ever had much of a chance, but who knows. Some horrific Black Swan event at just the right moment might turn the tide.

It's in the laps of the Gods.

Aaron said...

I just have a bad feeling that we're being seriously conned on this entire deal and Trump, Hillary and Bill are having a big laugh at all of us while engaging in the biggest stealing of an election this century.

The alternative to Trump, Hillary, is certainly worse as a known known item of corruption and policies and track record, compared to him as a complete unknown unknown as a politician, but that's just not saying much.

Old NFO said...

Don't have a good answer... sigh

Comrade Misfit said...

Trump is behaving no differently than he did when he rode down that golden escalator and announced that he was running.

To the Republicans complaining, now, about him: STFU. You had your chances to stop him. You wailed. He's now your date at this particular dance.