Monday, August 15, 2016

A Visit To Lake Huron(istan)

Since we already visited Lake Michigan this summer, we decided to explore a beach on the east side of the state and swim in lake Huron now that summer is passing by. Some year we'll swim in all five Great Lakes in one season, just for the heck of it.

Located at Port Huron this beach offered some decent sand, a bit of a pebbly shore, and nice swimming.

Quite a popular place, lots of boats anchored close by on a sandbar, and there were multiple examples of just cause you can buy a boat doesn't make you able to operate a boat on display - including one goofball that drifter into the swim area of the beach, running over the no entry buoy in the process.

There were also some interesting sights

First of course are the lake freighters that pass close by:

Lots of them passed by during the hours we were there and they were quite impressive.

Then the other sight was a bit more jarring and unexpected.


Yep, there was a ton of ladies young and old swimming around in full on burqinis at the beach.

Lots of them swimming with full headscarves and complete flowing pants. Interestingly enough, the whole modesty requirement clearly did not apply to their menfolk with them who were wearing swim shorts, some of whom really could have used some covering up themselves.

Quite a few of the headscarves needed to be readjusted while swimming and the outfits sure were not very well streamlined so it was more wading than swimming for the most part.

It was an interesting juxtaposition of bikinis and burqinis on the same beach. Everybody seemed to behave themselves, but there was quite a visible police presence.

I was not expecting this at Port Huron.

So after swimming, people watching, and hanging out at the beach, we went to an Italian restaurant, Great Lakes Italian that was a short hop from the beach for dinner - great friendly service and the pizza was awesome. Not a bad way to spend one of the last Sundays of summer.

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