Saturday, April 30, 2016

Well, Drat.

So the sun is out, the overcast layer of stratus clouds is way up at 20,000 feet, winds while varying from 8-12 knots are pretty much along the runway center line. The low crummy overcast, high winds, and rain of the past week is gone.

Should be a good day to fly and do the cross-country, no?

Well, not after I received the call from the flight school that the plane I'm booked on (a different plane from the one that hosed me the last time) has a maintenance problem that won't be repaired in time and again all other planes are booked.

Drat. Kinda hard to progress with my flying when I can't go flying.


Comrade Misfit said...

At least they called. No fun when one lives a 45-min drive away and on arrival is told: "Oh, Cessna 45D is down and all of the other airplanes are booked."

On the other hand, I once had booked a Piper Warrior and the same thing happened. The owner tossed me the keys to an Archer, same price. Solo, half-tanks, and that puppy climbed!

(Gotta get your own...)

Aaron said...

Yep, need to get my own eventually. Sadly not in the cards right now but something to dream about.