Monday, February 01, 2016

Yes, A Car Can Be Used As A Deadly Weapon

It shouldn't be hard to understand that yes, a car can be used as a deadly weapon, and if you try to use it as such you're going to meet with a proportionate response.

After demonstrating just that intent to do great bodily injury first by first trying to hit a security guard with her car and then a police officer, it's rather hard to ignore the fact that the subject of this story posed a deadly threat driving the vehicle. After trying to hit the officer with her car and then fleeing the second scene, another Dearborn police officer stopped the threat she posed with finality.

Of course, those facts not stopping the usual suspects from the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality claiming she was unarmed and not a threat.

The Detroit Free Press: MSP: Woman killed in Dearborn 'armed with 3-ton vehicle'

Using a vehicle on two occasions as a weapon to try to run people over, thus presenting a clear ongoing deadly threat led to her death. Failing to stop and surrender to police led to her death.

In short the lesson here is quite simple: To avoid being shot by police, do not attempt to strike them with your vehicle. Most people have no difficulty understanding this concept.

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