Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back In To The Cold

Got in late, late, last night (Or very early this morning) after our flight was rescheduled due to the storm by New York/Baltimore. As it turns out, the flight while later was very smooth without any stops. I'll have a series of posts on the vacation up shortly, complete with some great pics of places been and things seen.

Now drowning in paperwork that has piled up, so I need to dig out of that in addition to the snow.

And, thanks to the ineptitude of a court officer, I've managed to now acquire one harassing stalker complete with threats of bodily harm who has threatened multiple persons before. Great. On the upside, police are now notified and we'll see if the guy is more than just talk or not.

Sheesh, I may need a vacation from the residue of my vacation.

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