Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snowsturm Und Drang 2016

Well, we are finally getting platered with a winter snowstorm here, just after temperatures were up in the 50s, all the snow had melted and we thought spring was around the corner.

Not so fast.

We're expecting 11 inches today and it hasn't stopped snowing since this morning at 8. The roads are a mess, power was lost around 8:30 am today both at home and at the office, and was just restored now.

Court was a mess this morning but all tasks were accomplished.

Now I'm off to go shovel the Driveway of Doom™. Once that is done, fresh coffee and more work awaits now that power is restored.


Keads said...

Glad the power is back on!

Aaron said...

I am too, it was getting appreciably cold without it. Snow still coming down.

jon spencer said...

A few flakes here in the U.P,'s banana belt.