Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 Family Vacation Day 1

Our vacation started out at about 0400 as we got up in the cold to get to the airport.

We got all our bags checked, went through security. For some reason they ran me along with every other male in line through the rapiscan but did not do so for Tash and the kids.

Got on board the Spirit Airlines Airbus 321 and fervently hoped our checked luggage would make the connection.

The flight was on time and aside from the cramped and uncomfortable seats was fine. Our first stop was Fort Lauderdale, where we had a snack at the airport and then got on our next plane.

We then touched down in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Happily, all three checked bags also made the trip.

We used AirBnb to find a place to stay and were pretty happy with the accommodations in the Condado district, a short cab ride into Old San Juan and a short walk to the beach and some great restaurants.

So we first stopped at Kasalta for a snack and coffee. Kasalta is a cafe/bakery in the area that had tons of great stuff and the coffee was great.

Once refreshed, we hit the beach.

The water was warm, and we spent time swimming and wandering around the neighborhood, then we went back to the room, prepared for the next day and then went out to dinner at "La B De Burro" a Mexican food restaurant a short walk form the beach and the place where we were staying. Great Mexican food - the chips were fresh made, the salsa was tasty, and the chimichangas, tacos and burritos were excellent, as was the agua fresca.

Then we got things ready for day 2.

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