Thursday, February 18, 2016

El Toro Verde - Wild Rides

This is El Toro Verde - The Green Bull:

The Green Bull stands at the entrance to the El Toro Verde Adventure Park in Orocovis, Puerto Rico - A zip-lining adventure high in the mountains about an hour from San Juan. The road up had 137 tight curves in it - Leah counted. It was a good thing the El Toro Verde driver that picked us up was quite a skillful driver.

We were so high up, helicopter rides came in to land below us:

We arrived, checked in, signed waivers, got our equipment fitted and it was time to zip-line.

Think long zip-lines, high above the trees with awesome scenery as you ride suspended from a dual cable system at speed so fast if you tough the cables they will burn a hole in your glove or even remove a finger.

Here's the video of me riding one of the zip-lines:

Here's what it looks like from a third person view:

Here's a wide angle shot of another zipliner that came in after us:

To say it was awesome would be an understatement.

Abby, after unstrapping from the first zipline announced that she was no longer afraid of heights. Leah impressed two young men right behind us that couldn't believe a 9-yeeay-old would ride these with such wild abandon as they were freaking out from the bheights. She strapped into the line, looked at them, said "See ya!" and took off. We then rode 7 more, for a total of 8 unforgettable rides.

We did not ride The Beast - a zipline a mile long and moving at speeds of 60 miles per hour that you ride suspended from the cables lying face down like you're flying - because you are:

Sadly the kids were both underage and of insufficient weight to ride it. Next time.

The kids declared that it was one of the coolest family activities we've ever done and we were the coolest parents ever. We'll take it!


Murphy's Law said...

LOL. You need to write their statements down, have them sign it before a notary, than keep them on file for when the girls hit their teen years.

Looks like a great time indeed.

Aaron said...

ML: They're too smart to leave a written record of their statements!

It was indeed a great time.