Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Edmund Fitzgerald, 40 Years Gone.

Thanks to Gordon Lightfoot, the Edmund Fitzgerald is the most well-known Great Lakes freighter, and the most famous wreck on the lakes.

40 years ago, she sank in a gale, taking all 29 of her crew with her. The exact cause of her sinking is still not known, though a few theories provide likely answers, with either water coming in through the cargo hatches, or grounding the bottom on a shoal or a combination of the two being the most likely reason for the sinking.

The wreck lies on the bottom of Lake Superior in two main pieces,

In 500 feet of water, she's a greater than Mt. Everest level dive, and less than a handful of divers have visited the wreck using SCUBA gear. Now, with the Canadian government banning diving on the wreck, it's unlikely that more will visit the famous site.

Here's to the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew, 40 years gone.

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Unknown said...

Good friend of mine was a merchant marine and got off that ship 3 weeks before it sank. He still gets teary eyed when he hears that song.

RIP Fellas.