Monday, November 09, 2015

After 102 Years, The Wreck of The Hydrus Is Found

One of the ships that went missing during the Great Storm of 1913, the freighter Hydrus had eluded discovery as to its final resting place.

Until now.

The Detroit Free Press: Man discovers Lake Huron shipwreck missing since 1913

Dave Trotter has found another one. The legendary shipwreck hunter of the Great Lakes has done it again.

I know some of the divers that found her: Keith, Fred, and Chad are all part of the Union Lake diving group and the pics they've brought back of the Hydrus are nice indeed, and the video they took of thee wreck is fantastic, as can be seen at the Free Press. At 200 foot depth, it's not a recreational dive by any means but it looks like the wreck is in great shape.

Nice find guys.


Excelling in Mediocrity said...

"but it looks like the wreck is in great shape."
That made me chuckle. I know what you meant, but Its almost like the question "So other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"
I tried to read the story, but the computer is running exceedingly slow this morning and isn't playing well with all the scripts that try to load.
I did catch the credit of the leading picture was to a man named "Eric Seals" hahaha

Aaron said...

The video they shot of the wreck (on the Freep site) is well worth the watch.

As to wrecks being in good shape - you should see the beat-up ones.