Tuesday, November 24, 2015

She Went To Bed At 11 And She Woke Up At 12

Abby turned 12 today.

The kid is growing up fast.

This morning we had our traditional cherry cheesecake for birthdays, with hers having 12 candles, sang her happy birthday, and gave her some presents.

Since it is a half-day at her school, she's invited her friends for a lunchtime party today, so she's going to have a great birthday indeed.


Old NFO said...

Congrats to her! And one more year and she turns into a TEEN... May you rest in peace... :-)

Aaron said...

OldNFO: Don't I know it. I think when that happens I'm going to need some barbed wire, bars on the windows, and a supply of claymores to keep the boys away.

Murphy's Law said...

Happy Birthday to one of the two coolest little kids I know.

And if the wrong boys come around--or any boys--you just give me a call. I'll bring a shovel.