Wednesday, November 04, 2015

No, Weight And Balance Checks Are Not Optional

Over at Bayou Renaissance Man, you can watch a video where having an airplane being overweight on takeoff had some bad but not fatal consequences.

Now we get another reminder that weight and balance is not optional, this time fatally so.

The Detroit News: Cargo plane crashes along Nile River in South Sudan

A cargo plane that was reportedly overloaded crashed along the banks of the Nile River after taking off from the South Sudan’s capital, killing at least 25 people.

Given the plane was built in the Soviet Union in 1971 and the likely shoddy maintenance and lackadaisical compliance with checklists and regulations in that part of the world since, weight and balance probably wasn't done or was ignored with a shrug.

Denial of basic pre-flight requirements and maximum takeoff weight limits results in you crash landing on the banks of de Nile.

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