Friday, June 12, 2015

Home Invasions In The D Keep on Getting More Dangerous - For The Criminals

And That's a good thing.

The Detroit News: Woman fires at home burglars: 'I let loose on them'

In a heartwarming story, a woman was home alone when 5 men broke into her house at 2:30 in the morning, at least two of them were armed.

Instead of us the next day reading a story about a woman found dead in her home after a robbery, she instead had a Glock and fought back, hitting at least some of them and driving them from her home. This is a much better result by far.

She was shot and took a non-life-threatening wound in the leg but should be fine, and she did a darn good job defending herself.

Police are looking for the criminals and checking hospitals for reports of gunshot wounds.

Note that in this week alone, that's now two women with concealed pistol licenses that have driven off their attackers. The other incident was a carjacking attempt where the 27 year-old female was unharmed and the 16 year-old armed criminal got shot in his arm during his attempt and he's now in custody.

Chief Craig was right when he said that law abiding citizens with CPLs can reduce crime, and they're certainly doing a good job defending themselves.

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