Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heckuva Job There, Archuleta!

As blogged on Instapundit by Ed Driscoll, the head of the Office of Personnel Management, the location of the greatest data breach to occur against the US Government so far, is an Obama appointee. it turns out she was appointed for political reasons rather than competence as she had no background in the realm of stuff that OPM does but was rather qualified for being a stalwart Democrat community organizer.

It's a pity she didn't organize some Information Security at OPM.

Her reaction to an earlier breech by the Chinese in July 2014 was that there was nothing to fix, this while the OPM inspector General was pointing out serious security deficiencies as far back as 2007.

In other words, a breach of this nature wasnot on out of the blue attack but was instead predictable to occur based on past performance (or lack thereof). With her expressed "Remain calm, all is well" kind of attitude, its no wonder that cyber-security there was weak and that this breach has the incredible scope and implications that we're learning that it has.

As Borepatch blogged many a time regarding cyber-security: It wasn't an afterthought, it wasn't a thought at all.

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