Thursday, March 27, 2014

No Judge, They Didn't Mean That When They Sang "Can I Get A Witness?"

Wayne County Judge McCree removed for an affair with a plaintiff on one of his cases with some of the action taking place in his courtroom chambers.

Yes, he really got a witness, on a case he was presiding on, in his chambers. Not exactly an impartial display of justice when you're busy banging one of the parties in the case for six months, and unlike what you may see on TV, judges are not allowed to do that.

The Detroit News: Wayne Circuit Judge McCree removed from bench

Note when reading the article that Wayne County voters, of which Detroiters are the majority, may just reelect him to the bench. The Supreme Court, realizing the real possibility of that occurring, ruled that if he's reelected he's automatically suspended from office for six years without pay.


ProudHillbilly said...

Hm. I note that they don't mention his political affiliation...

Aaron said...

Yep, no need to guess. He's a very connected D in the D, surprising they don't mention that.

He's just upholding the Democrat side in the war on women.

Dan said...

Wayne County Circuit has the best (Ryan) and worst (McCree) judges in the state.