Sunday, March 02, 2014

Obama To Ukraine: CrimeA River

Obama just issued a sternly worded note of concern to all the goings on in Ukraine. That and a $1.50 may buy the Ukrainians some cold comfort.

History may not repeat but it sure is rhyming here, and not in our geopolitical favor.

We have an area with an ethnic population with kinship and identification to a neighbor rather than to their fellow countrymen, armed men swarming about, and outside military intervention set to separate the region from its nation-state.

Yep, the precedent set with Kosovo separating from Serbia kinda fits the current situation nicely, and remember, a Democrat predecessor to Obama was firmly on Kossovo's side back then in separating it from Serbia.

Awfully hard to insist on territorial integrity for the Ukraine when but a few short years ago the precedent was for the opposite result.

Multiply that by the fact that there is no effective means for the US or the EU to protect the Ukraine from Russia grabbing back the historically Russian Crimea, which is populated by a majority of ethnic Russians.

In other words, mildly worded warnings and platitudes are the most you can expect from Obama at this point. Especially as he's busy cutting our military to focus on further transforming the US domestically and preventing the US from acting in its interests abroad, it's not likely he's going to push for a grand Eastern European vacation.

Even if he wanted to do so, it wouldn't be a good idea.

As Michael Z. Williamson said recently on Facebook: "Please DO NOT tell the President we have a Light Brigade.".


Expatriate Owl said...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surely intellectually understands that Obama is a tissue paper mask with no teeth or baytzim.

The question now, as Netanyahu is due to visit the White House this coming week, is whether Bibi has sufficiently internalized this enough to tell Obama "Ёб твою мать" when Bibi gets invited into the Oval Office.

Aaron said...

Expatriate Owl: Yeah, Obama surely just heard that from Putin, so he might as well get it from Netanyahu as well when Obama tries to pressure him in exchange for security guarantees - you know the same kind the US gave to the Ukraine.....