Sunday, March 02, 2014

Is That More Global Warming I See Before Me?

About three inches plus of fresh global warming arrived last night, making for the 20th snowfall this season that deposited more than 2 inches and that's not counting the multiple snowfalls of 1 inch or less that we've had. Gettign real tired of shoveling here, that's for sure.

If we get only 10 more inches before winter ends, we'll beat the record set in 1880.

The Detroit News: Expert: Detroit's second snowiest winter unlikely to surpass record

Metro Detroit’s worst winter since 1950 continues to grind away as another 3 to 4.5 inches of snow fell Saturday night, and the National Weather Service forecasts more frigid days and snow this week.

This winter is already the second snowiest recorded for the Detroit region in its history, but it will likely not match or surpass the all-time snowiest winter of 93.6 inches set in 1880-81, said Dan Thompson, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in White Lake Township. This season’s total stands at 83.7 inches after Saturday’s snow, according to the Weather Service.

According to the article, Detroit had the most extreme winter weather of any city in the country this year, and the harshest winter in 64 years. Isn't that just great? But at least it confirms our feeling that this has indeed been a winter of suck.


Dan Pangburn said...

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Old NFO said...

We got another 7 inches of it this morning...