Friday, March 22, 2013

The Detroit Macarena: Jesse Jackson Promises Protests Against The EFM

Detroit's decline and the appointment of an EFM is bringing all the usual race-card playing suspects out of their holes to assemble at the the hole that used to be the great city of Detroit.

Not to be outdone by the local race-playin' pastors, the doyen of the race card, Jesse Jackson himself has come to town.

The Detroit Free Press: Jesse Jackson calls for mass protest against Detroit's emergency financial manager

“We marched too long and bled too much and died too young for the right to vote to have a governor, whether it’s Gov. Snyder or Wallace or whoever … to take away the impact of our vote,” he said.

Wowza, the philanderer really just compared Gov Snyder to Governor Wallace. Really now? Detroit residents can still vote, but the idiots they vote for to run the City Council can't control the financial side of the city that they've destroyed, nor use the City's funds for their own aggrandizement and patronage slush monies. Too bad.

Jackson warned an audience of about 100 people that the emergency financial manager’s arrival eventually could force Detroiters from their homes. He described a scenario in which rich people buy up acres of neighborhoods, turn them into vacant lots and sell off the property.

Ah, the "they're gonna be stealing our jewels" scare tactic. Had Jesse even looked around Detroit he would have seen the multitude of already abandoned and decaying properties. His claim is pure scare mongering nonsense.

"Detroit cannot be reduced to a rummage sale," Jackson said.

Funny, Jackson's buddy Kwame already did that, and Kwame likely learned how to use civic foundation funds for personal use by Jackson's prior example.

Jackson, who repeatedly used the phrase “emergency czar,” urged Detroiters to protest the emergency financial manager through “a major, mass nonviolent demonstration.” Jackson did not provide specifics of the protest when later asked.

“It’ll be soon,” he said.

Prepare for a clown show folks, bring popcorn.

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