Monday, March 04, 2013

EFM Announced For City of Detroit, In Response, Detroit's Ministers Amp Up The Racist Rhetoric

Because nothing says racist crucifixion like the appointment of an EFM over a decayed and dying city: The Detroit News: Church sermons: Democracy usurped in Detroit fiscal crisis

The Rev. Charles Williams II during his sermon Sunday likened the appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager to the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Williams read from the Book of Matthew: "'The chief priests and the elders assembled in the palace of the high priest and they schemed to arrest Jesus and kill him.'"

He then added: "The chief priest — Governor Snyder," which elicited a chuckle from about 30 worshipers at Historic King Solomon Church on the city's west side.

After all, no one acts nearly as Jesus-like as a bunch of corrupt city councilors, along with a corrupt cabal of unions and Democrat apparatchiks who for decades have been neglecting and robbing the city blind for their own ends.

The good reverend even went for a nice traditional serving of antisemitism in the sermon, playing to his congregation:

"What Jesus went through reminds me of the current situation in Detroit," Williams said. "He told people 'you don't have to allow the Pharisees to abuse you.' And because of that, they killed him. Those who conspire today to get rid of democracy in Detroit are the same people who conspired to get rid of Jesus."

Yes, he said it.

Credit must be given to Snyder for the foresight to announce an EFM at this time - it's still too cold for the ministers to whip up a decent riot right now.

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Scott said...

A guy with 30 worshippers at his church gets this much attention from Detnews? I have seen him quoted many times there, and I figured he had some megachurch.

To be fair, size matters less than truth, but apparently this guy has neither on his side, as he has grievously misinterpreted this passage.