Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chelsea Clinton Said What?!? Really!?!

The Detroit News: Summit puts national spotlight on Detroit education woes, successes

Chelsea Clinton (now a special correspondent for NBC news - who said Democrats were against nepotism, again?) was doing a puff-piece on Detroit and education, as can be seen in the linked article.

It was a puff-piece as puff-pieces go, but Here's the howler.

In discussing some of the lowest-performing schools not just Michigan-wide but nation-wide, here's what she said:

[Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager] Roberts and Covington, who operate some of the lowest performing and most-poverty stricken schools in the state, were interviewed by Clinton, a special correspondent for NBC News who ended her session by saying, "I don't have children but if I did I would be happy to send them to any of your schools."

I'll wait a moment for you to pick yourself up off the floor or wipe off your screen after you've read that statement.

I'm sorry, but the chance of Chelsea Clinton ever, ever, enrolling her kids in a Detroit Public School is between slim and none, with slim having left town.

Never mind that doing so should be considered child abuse, but the sheer vacuousness of the statement is rather astonishing. She's clearly got a future in Democrat politics. We should also note that her parents rather than enrolling her in DC's public schools instead enrolled her in the tony and very private Sidwell Friends school. Public School is for thee, but not for Chelsea.

In fact, should Chelsea Clinton actually have her kids actually enroll and attend the Detroit Public Schools for a full course of study, then I promise I will vote straight-ticket Democrat from that moment forth.

I can say with absolute confidence that under such a wager I'm never going to be voting straight-ticket Democrat.


Scott said...

Judging by those comments, Bill and Hill need to ask for a refund, as Chelsea obviously didn't get an education at Sidwell Friends.

Aaron said...

Oh, she got a great elitist education all right.

She's a perfect example of the outcome of the elite educational system - she's fully credentialed and she's got all the right connections, what more does she really need?

Scott said...

Ref. the Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz"

Scott said...
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